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Charle is a fantastic thought leader and champion for the growth and wellness of students and educators. 
She continues to be a beacon of hope!”

— A. Clay, Educational Consultant-SEL




Meet Charle
Charle Peck is the co-creator of Thriving School Community, a revolutionary program designed for schools to improve mental health. 

With over 20 years of education and mental health leadership experience, she has the unique lens of both a certified teacher and a licensed therapist. Charle holds an MS in Education and an MS in Social Work. 

Her role as a high school teacher coupled with her clinical work with children and families in crisis gives her incredible insight into solving youth mental health problems stemming from our schools. 

She is the co-author of Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution and a global keynote speaker delivering powerful messages of hope to educators.
  • Certified to teach K-12 (M.Ed.).
  • Licensed to practice clinical therapy specializing in trauma (MSW).
  • Taught high school social sciences and mental health curriculum for 18 years. 
  • Led district-wide professional development sessions to improve instructional practice and wellness initiatives.
  • ​Led several student-based clubs including community outreach + teen voice.
  • ​Established strong community partnerships.
  • ​Led school promotion efforts.
  • ​​​​Wrote mental health + social sciences curricula for public education. 
  • ​Served as the school mental health liaison where I attended district training sessions, collaborated with administrators and school mental health leads, set school-wide goals, created implementation plans, and was the team lead to see the plans through.
  • ​Held department responsibilities such as budgeting, scheduling staff, resolving issues, leading meetings, ordering supplies, and other relevant tasks.
  • Delivered workshops to educators + healthcare professionals.
  • ​Engaged in years of professional training in areas such as instructional best practices, equity + inclusion, critical thinking, literacy, supporting the whole learner, school transition, TIC, school leadership, etc.
  • ​Delivered workshop training to healthcare professionals and parents in areas related to child development and stress management.
  • ​Trained administrators and district leaders in mental health leadership. 
  • ​Provided CBT + DBT therapy to teens at a residential treatment facility and led group therapy sessions with their families.
  • Provided clinical care to adolescent patients admitted to the crisis unit at a behavioral health hospital.
  • ​Led family therapy sessions to prepare teen patients to transition home safety. 
  • Co-authored a book to provide relief to a fractured school mental health system.
  • ​Train educators with evidence-based tools to improve student + staff wellness.
"Her passion and enthusiasm for the topic were evident, and she provided valuable tools for us to use in our schools. Please tell her I said THANK YOU!"
School Principal, Alaska School District
"What a wonderful presentation from Charle Peck for our student teachers! She was able to provide them with valuable tools to help their students with being the best they can be! She also spoke to the student teachers to help them with their own mental health! She gave them several techniques to help themselves so they can continue to be the teacher their students need each day! All I can say is, WOW, what a wonderful company and so needed currently in our schools!"
Joetta Browning, Director of Experimental Education and Clinical Placements, KY
"A great resource to improve mental health in our school system. I strongly recommend [her]!"
V. Rachamallu, ABPN certified in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
“I am always so excited to share stages with Charle Peck! Charle is a fantastic thought leader and champion for the social-emotional growth and wellness of teens and educators. She continues to be a beacon of hope for parents and families as they support their teens.”
Aeysis C., Educational Consultant-SEL
“Charle is passionate and is an expert in social-emotional learning. She helps schools care for the emotional well-being of adults as well as children, which sets her apart from all others in the field, and she adds value to every conversation.”
Jamal Maxsam, Former HS Principal, Founder of Igniter of Change Leadership
“Charle Peck is as compassionate as she is brilliant. As both an educator and a mom, her heart for teens and teen parents is immense. She is so much fun to work with as she is full of joy. Whenever anyone asks for suggestions for speakers on the topics of mental health or social emotional learning, Charle is the first person that comes to mind as she adds value to every conversation she participates in.”
Antonietta McGoey, AP Psychology + Chemistry Advisor
"Charle’s education and years of experience makes her an excellent mentor and role model!"
Sherrie Davis-Thompson, School Counselor
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Charle Peck for over 15 years. Her vast knowledge of causes and consequences of behaviors unique to the workings of the adolescent brain informs not only her teaching, but her true passion to make a difference in the lives of students. Deeply understanding the developmental stages of children gives Charle a unique perspective on how to help educators and parents. She truly is, and will be, a change-maker.”
Niki Gerbes, High School Teacher
“Charle is a breath of fresh air for parents and teachers of teens. Her passion and dedication are well articulated and very reassuring. I would encourage anyone struggling with a teen to reach out!”
Moshe Fried, LCSW, Co-Founder, ClasStars
“Charle is dedicated not only to children’s lives but to the wider picture of connection and relationship between adults (parents) and children. She is very experienced, authentic, and dedicated plus lovely to work with!”
Rekha Bassi, CEO of The Gap Club - Childcare Solutions
“I have worked with Charle for over 10 years. Charle has always been the consummate professional person. She is kind, witty, caring, and down-to-earth. My daughter has had the pleasure of having her as a classroom teacher and when asked to describe her said, “She is sweet and very empathetic, and you always feel safe confiding in her. She listens intently and helps you to find solutions to make things better.” Charle is a lifelong learner. She approaches all projects with enthusiasm. Charle is the type of person who will seek out the quietest person in the room and make them feel like a million dollars for coming out and showing up. She is a phenomenal educator in every way. Our lives shine a bit brighter for having known her!”
Beth Atack Di Domenico, Program Leader for Student Services
The Book
Improving School Mental Health
The Thriving School Community Solution
  • "Inspires action and urgency."
~ Dr. Eric Youngman, Assistant Superintendent, of Teaching + Learning, IL
  • "A game changer." 
~ Kathleen Eckert, Director of Compliance and Policy, TX
  • "I feel validated as an educator."
~ Terri McDaid, 6th grade teacher , VA
  • "THE resource schools go to for real answers!"
~ Pat Quinn, Author of the book Ultimate RTI
  • "Clear, refreshing, inspiring, and sorely needed."
~ Moshe Fried, LCSW, School Social Worker, NY
  • "A great resource to improve youth mental health in our school system!"
~ Dr. V. Rachamallu, ,Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, OH

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