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When educators are equipped + empowered to address student issues and learn how to prevent mental health issues from arising in the first place, we cultivate a thriving school community.
Take a topic-specific self-paced mini course to add to your resume. Fine tuning your mental health skills is an important step in leadership, and these courses are adaptable to any environment. 
Level up your professional development experience! Become a TSC Ambassador in just 12 weeks and earn a certificate to demonstrate your ability to deliver TSC fundamentals to staff - students.
Charle interviews education + mental health experts who provide insights, stories, + strategies aimed to improve our school mental health system. Be sure to download the episodes that are a priority for you!
Charle equips staff with practical, easy-to-implement MH tools + strategies that easily integrate into daily teaching practice.
Virtual professional development is a great way to scale learning across your district, which can be just as engaging + effective.  
Gain access to guides, checklists, worksheets and more. Use them yourself or share with your colleagues + friends.
Meet Charle
Charle serves school districts with over 20 years of teaching and mental health leadership experience. After witnessing gaps in our overburdened education system, she pursued a Master's degree in Social Work to explore more effective, sustainable solutions to improve student engagement and wellness. 

Charle’s clinical work in trauma with struggling families, undervalued youth, and disenfranchised school staff guided her in co-creating a revolutionary program to optimize the well-being of entire school communities: "Thriving School Community".  

When she's not designing and delivering school mental health programs, Charle delivers keynote addresses and speaks at conferences. She shares strategies for immediate relief to the school mental health system and a powerful message of hope for the future of education.

Using her unique lens as a former high school teacher of 18 years, a therapist, and a parent, Charle helps others cope and function well through overwhelm.  Ultimately, she will equip your staff with tools and strategies to infuse into their everyday practice to manage their own mental health while effectively supporting their students. 

The program Charle delivers is based on the framework from her book she co-authored: Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution.  She uses evidence-based skills to develop training to mitigate common mental health issues stemming from our schools, specifically around anxiety, trauma, and risky behavior. She designs and delivers both in-person and online sessions, though ultimately, you'll want Charle to work her magic through a multi-day PD experience. 
  • ​Certified teacher K-12 (M.Ed.)
  • ​​Licensed therapist (MSW)
  • Trauma trainer 
  • Parent of three boys
  • Travel enthusiast
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