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Meet Your Hosts
Dr. Cameron Caswell

Psychologist | TEDx Speaker | Director of Parent Education

CAMERON (DR. CAM) CASWELL, PHD, "The Teen Translator,” is an adolescent psychologist, parent coach, and Director of Parent Education for the Thriving School Community, a revolutionary program she co-founded to improve student, educator, and parent well-being within the school system.

As a TEDX speaker, podcast host, author, and private practitioner she empowers parents and teens with the tools and knowledge they need to create positive, peaceful relationships with one another.

Dr. Cam speaks regularly at schools, national organizations, and conferences. She has also been featured as a parenting expert on television, radio, podcasts, and in publications including Fox News Newsweek, Grown & Flown, and HerMoney.

Dr. Cam is the mom of a teen too, so she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk!
Charle Peck, M.Ed., MSW

Speaker | Author | Director of Professional Development

Charle Peck is the co-creator of Thriving School Community, a revolutionary program designed for schools to improve mental health. 

With over 20 years of education and mental health leadership experience, she has the unique lens of both a certified teacher and a licensed clinical therapist specializing in trauma. Charle holds an MS in Education and an MS in Social Work. 

Her role as a high school teacher coupled with her work with children and families in crisis gives her incredible insight into solving youth mental health problems stemming from our schools. 

She is the co-author of Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution and a global keynote speaker delivering powerful messages of hope to educators.
Meet Our Expert Speakers
Fareedah Shaheed

Internet Safety Expert

Fareedah Shaheed, an Award-Winning Internet Safety Expert and Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, specializes in helping parents protect their kids online. 

She has taught thousands of people online security & safety, has hosted lunch and learns, and has delivered keynotes on the subject.

She has been named Cybersecurity Personality of the Year 2020. Her work has been featured in CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NASA, and Ebony Magazine, among others.


Sam Young, M. Ed.

Young Scholars Academy

Sam Young, M.Ed., or Mr. Sam, as his community members call him, is the founder and director of Young Scholars Academy which is a strength-based, talent-focused virtual enrichment school that supports twice-exceptional, differently-wired, and gifted students to feel seen, nurtured, and happy as heck through strength-based courses, camps, and community!

Sam is a two-time Fulbright Scholar, TEDx speaker, a former Bridges Academy educator of nearly 10 years, and a Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity graduate. 

He is a neurodivergent person himself and has committed his life to supporting neurodivergent students to discover, develop, and lead with their strengths, talents, and unique interests.


Aly Pain

Certified Relationship Systems Coach

Growing up, Aly was the smart, fun girl on the outside and a frantic, anxious mess on the inside. She spent years healing the pain of dysfunctional family relationships, including eating disorders and a suicide attempt, to break the cycle raising her own sons.

In 2006, Aly became a Certified Life Coach and Certified Relationship Systems Coach - one of only 70 people in Canada to hold both designations.

Aly's passion is empowering parents to build healthy, respectful relationships with their teens without giving up or giving in. 

She's been featured in the New York Post, ABC Nightly News and the Rachael Ray Show.


Ruth Klein

Universal Mom Programs

Ruth Klein is an author and founder of the nonprofit Universal Mom, which works to help children and teens uncover their talents through the art of writing.

With her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Health, Consciousness, & Healing, Ruth is passionate about helping youth reach their full potential by believing in themselves.

Prior to founding Universal Mom, for 22 years Ruth led the nonprofit Self-Esteem Council, which went into high schools to work with sophomores &
juniors. In less than 10 hours, they changed student’s perceptions of their lives, increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Many of the students they worked with had the confidence to apply for summer jobs, get involved in school activities the
following year, and apply to college, when previously, college was not even on their radar.

Outside of her non-profit work, Ruth has a successful career that spans over thirty years, she has helped her clients create a 360° Brand and
convert their expertise and content into best-selling books that have gone on to be high-ticket programs,
TedX speeches, PBS specials, TV guest spots, 5-figure speaking engagements.

The author of 7 best-selling books, her upcoming release for parents is titled, Conscious Connection,
and is slated for an early 2024 release.


Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Mindfulness Teacher & Musician

Ofosu Jones-Quartey is a meditation teacher, and musician from the Washington DC area.

He has been teaching mindfulness meditation since 2008, working with such organizations as Minds, Incorporated, the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Spirit Rock and the Insight Meditation Society (IMS).

An accomplished musician, Ofosu also performs both domestically and internationally as a Hip Hop and Electronic Music artist.
He recently wrote a book for families called “You Are Enough”.
Ofosu is also a voice over talent, having lent his voice to programs on Sesame Studios as well as is the voicing Stanley the Snail on the Sprout Network's cartoon "Ollie and Moon". 

He is the “male voice” on the new mindfulness app Balance.
Ofosu currently lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife Ayanna and their four children, Sundara, Samadhi, Sati and Siddhattha.
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